The role of the presentation

Although we live in a time that most, if not all, information can be found in writing, the role that oral presentations play in our academic and working lives has not diminished. Why do people, who can read books and journals and surf the Internet, still catch early trains to attend lectures or travel thousands of kilometres to go to conferences? Why do businesses still organise oral presentations when the employers can easily be reached by e-mail?
The advantages of attending oral presentations must be worth it for all the people mentioned above.

Creating a successful presentation

Since oral presentations are still an important aspect of academic and business life, it is equally important to be able to give a good presentation. This website provides information about how you can improve your presentation skills in order to give a successful presentation. There is information about how to structure the contents of your presentation and how to deliver your message as effectively as possible, as well as exercises to practise these techniques. We have also included video fragments with examples of both effective and ineffective ways of presenting. Because, for most people, English is their second language, part of the website is dedicated to language use during a presentation. This includes vocabulary and phrases and pronunciation. If you click the "next" buttons at the end of each page, you will be guided through all the stages of the presentation process.